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Cristian Counseling Center

*Voted Springfield's Best in 2013-2021


Karen Davis MS, LPC

Baby Development Expert

Karen Davis is a Licensed Professional Counselor with 21 years of experience. A former high school counselor and family counselor of Boys and Girls Town.  Karen understands struggles in families.  


Her specialties include child-centered, and adolescent counseling and helps to develop ways to discipline. She has proven ways for the power struggles between parents and children to cease, so families can live in peace. 


She is an experienced marriage counselor and has a deep passion to help families stay together.  A  former Divorce Recovery Director for James River Assembly of God she specializes in helping individuals recover. She is an expert in blended families, children of divorce and helping individuals grieve and heal. She specializes in difficult relationships with anger  and anxiety issue.  She helps individuals recovery from addictions and abuse.   


Vonita Kelly, LPC NCC

Baby Development Expert

Vonita Kelly, is a Licensed Professional Counselor, with 25 years in public service. She has a Masters in Communication and Counseling. She is committed to the restoration of families and communities.  


She is Professional Mediator specializing in Family Mediation and Restorative Justice with a National Certification as a Parent Coordinator.   She specializes  and has developed programs concerning Grief and Bereavement,  Solution Focused Parenting, Loving Yourself Enough to Forgive, and Marriage Enrichment.   


She conducts workshop on depression, goal setting, relationships, anxiety, bullying, forgiveness and healing from broken relationships.  She does adult, child-centered and adolescent counseling, Marriage and relationship counseling.

*Voted Springfield's Best in 2013-2021. 


    High Success rate due to counselors being highly trained .​


​    High Success Rate of marriages and family improvement.  


    High Success Rate of individuals living  life without guilt and shame. 


    High Success Rate of  individuals finding HOPE again.


    High Success Rate of individuals no longer living in fear, but of being 

        empowered to chose  freedom.


    High Success Rate of individuals finding a God who they can trust . 


    High Success Rate of individual knowing and liking who they are.


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